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Why do we sing?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Today is the World Voice Day, and to celebrate it I'm writing about singing. It was through singing that I discovered that I had a voice, a personality. And it is singing that keeps my heart warm and my hopes up for a better future.

There’s something special about the combination of words and melody. I always felt some people could make my organs resonate with their singing. Not only that, I actually felt as if something was rearranging inside me, as if something was being healed. That’s the power of the art of singing: to heal wounds we don’t even have the means (or the courage) to acknowledge.

When I started to take voice lessons, I thought singing was going to be a hobby for me. It was during a masterclass that I changed my mind. There was a soprano singing the Bell aria from Lakmé. It moved me so much, I started to silently cry. She had power over time. Her voice healed a pain I was not aware of... I remember I felt so relieved that I thought: "if I am to sing, I want be able to do it for those who listen to me. I want be an instrument for healing and empowering people."

We sing because we need to sing. Because singing and acting allows us to experiment hundreds of emotions and personas, and let all sorts of feelings flow through our body, mind and soul. And because we allow them to flow, they don’t get stuck and we have more energy to live our lives. We are closer to being happy, grounded, connected.

We sing everything we can't say, write or paint. While we sing, we are allowed to be crazy, and in many ways that’s what keeps us sane.




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