It takes a village

If you are an opera lover, you probably know that the operatic career is a very expensive one. I began my vocal studies about a decade ago, and I've had wonderful opportunities to develop my artistry that were only possible with the support of hundreds of people who believed in me.


Today, as I graduate from my 3rd degree (Professional Studies Diploma at the Cleveland Institute of Music), I start to navigate the challenging waters of transitioning from school to the professional world, and I invite you to watch this online fundraising recital, and support me if you can. The funds will go towards clearing my tuition debt and covering expenses of upcoming auditions and competitions.

Ernesto Lecuona - Romanza de María la O

Hear the final scene of the zarzuela María la O, when María laments her unfortunate life, after being left by her lover. This recording is from CIM's Opera Gala celebrating 100 years of opera studies at CIM, with CIM Orchestra and maestro Harry Davidson.

Richard Strauss - "An die Nacht" from Op. 68

Op. 68 has six songs with poems by Clemens Brentano, with a musical writing that divides the songs in two groups: one more playful and agile, and the other more lyrical and dramatic. "An die Nacht" is the first song of the opus, and it falls on the dramatic side. The poetry is filled with metaphors about nature and love, with beautiful lyric lines and a more mature energy. This is a recording from my recital in Kulas Hall with pianist Evan Solomon. Original text in German, with English subtitles available -- press "CC" at the bottom of the video.

Rachmaninoff - "Daisies" and "Dreams" from Op. 38

This opus features text by various poets, all of them connected to symbolism: "Daisies" associates the flowers with maidens, or the future generations; "Dreams" has a spiritual quality, describing the state of sleep and dream in a transcendental manner, associating it with flying without moving. Again, this is a piece of my recital, with Evan Solomon -- English subtitles available.

Gounod - Dieu! quel frisson... Amour ranime mon courage"

This is the "poison aria" from Gounod's Romeo and Juliet, when Juliet is struggling with the idea of taking a potion to fake her own death in order to escape an unwanted marriage. She is afraid something will go wrong -- what a great intuition, huh? -- but she decides to do it anyways. This recording is from an opera scenes concert, with pianist François Germain.

Francisco Mignone - Songs for voice and bassoon

Next, there are two selections from this very special set by Brazilian composer Francisco Mignone, with bassoonist Brendon Sill. "The haunting ghost" is a funny song, describing the tricks of Brazilian folklore character Saci. "When the night falls in the countryside" is a lyrical song, with beautiful poetry about the departure of a loved one. Original text in Brazilian Portuguese, and subtitles in English -- press "CC".

Donizetti - "Le jour naissait" - Trio from La fille du régiment

In my last performance at CIM, I had the pleasure of singing this comic trio with Emma Nossem, Michael Temesi, and pianist François Germain. I'm playing Marie, a young lady who was raised by an army and recently found her lost aunt (who later turns out to be her mother). The Marquise is trying to teach her how to be a lady, and this is her singing lesson scene. Marie, however, can't stop thinking about the regiment, and gets all the time either bored or distracted.


I appreciate any contribution you can make to support my next steps into a professional career. Here's how you can donate: 

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Thank you!

Here are the organizations and people who have supported my studies and career in the past few years:


M.U.S.i.C - Stars in the Classics 2021-22

Partners for CIM 2021

Opera Buffs Inc. 2019-20


Mariangela Luchi Nascimento, Wilson Furtado Coutinho, Thiago Silva Correia, Jodi Kanter, Noelle Hoye, Jan Aldrich, Fernando Vitali, Breezy, Arabela Campos, Susan Anderson, Steven Kaplan, Julie Hansen, Lorena Osorio, Rebecca Carvalho, Ana Vega de Freitas, Denise Osorio, Antoinette Miller, Michael Fusz, Karen Toth, Jeffrey J, Carlos Moca, Taciana Correia, Kyriakos Grammatikos, Laercio Oliveira, Madeline Stern, Taisa Stahelin, Catherine Hackworth, Heloisa Amado Uchoa, Laura Fusz, Brian Whitaker, Aparecida de Oliveira, Beatriz, Teresinha, Yandy Calmon Osorio, Fernanda Moça, Angelica, Jaidete, Graça Furtado Feldens, Leonardo Paiva Gabriel, Gabriela Targa Leal, Ercila, Cicero, Maria, Liana, Viviane, Karla Cristina, Luiza Storch, Sabrina, Isabel, Socorro Correia, Elana del Rosario, Camille Diaz, Carla Cohen, Luciana Ferreira, Dylan Glenn, and other generous donors who wish to remain anonymous.